Elder Care Servies Serving Holly Springs, MS

Below is a list of caregivers in Holly Springs, MS that provide elder care services.

Northeast Mississippi Area Agency on Aging

619 East Parker Drive
PO Box 600
Booneville, MS 38829
NEMPDD Are Agency on Aging (AAA) is the focal point for services provided to senior citizens in the six county area. The purpose of the AAA is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated delivery system to older persons. The AAA has entered into contracts with Alcorn Human Resource Agency, North Mississippi Rural Legal Services, and Northeast Mississippi Community Services to provide services to include Case Management, Respite, Information and Referral, Outreach, Homemaker, Ombudsman, Home Delivered Meals, Congregate Meals, Senior Center, Transportation, Caregiver Assistance, Senior Employment, Adult Day Care, and Legal Services. Direct services provided by the AAA include Preventive Health, Program Development/ Coordination, Mississippi Insurance Counseling Assistance Program, Administrative Compliance, and Elder Abuse Prevention.