Elder Care Servies Serving Troy, NY

Below is a list of caregivers in Troy, NY that provide elder care services.

Albany County Department for Aging

162 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

Albany County Department of Social Services/NY Connects

162 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210
The comprehensive long term care system begins with NY Connects: Choices for Long Term Care (NY Connects), (PDF brochure) a local program that provides easy access to information and assistance for people who are exploring long term care options or who are already receiving a long term care service but would like more information. NY Connects staff is available to help free of charge.

New York State Office for the Aging

2 Empire State Plaza
5th Floor
Albany, NY 12223

The Rensselaer County Unified Family Services Department for the Aging

1600 Seventh Avenue
Ned Pattison Rensselaer Co. Gov. Ctr.
Troy, NY 12180