Elder Care Servies Serving Beloit, OH

Below is a list of caregivers in Beloit, OH that provide elder care services.

Area Agency on Aging 11, Inc.

5555 Youngstown Warren Rd.
Suite 2685
Niles, OH 44446
Area Agency on Aging 11, Inc. works with people, communities and organizations to plan and prepare for aging through education, advocacy and implementation of services.

Area Agency on Aging 11, Inc. Ombudsman

5555 Youngstown-Warren Road
Suite 2685
Youngstown, OH 44446
The Ombudsman Program advocates for individuals using long term care services, whether in a facility or in their own home. Volunteers visit nursing facilities to ensure residents' rights are respected.

Mahoning County Department of Job and Family Services

345 Oak Hill Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44501
The Department of Job and Family Services investigates cases of abuse, negelct and exploitation of people ages 60 and over living in the community.

Mahoning County Prescription Drug Assistance Program

Youngstown, OH
The Prescription Drug Assistance Program is designed to help older adults obtain prescription drugs through the pharmaceutical assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Northeast Ohio

5555 Youngstown-Warren Road
Niles, OH 44446

Northeast Ohio Legal Services

700 Metropolitan Tower Building
Youngstown, OH 44503

Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program

50 W Town Street
Third Floor-Ste 300
Columbus, OH 43215
OSHIIP provides free information and other health insurance services to people in Ohio covered by Medicare regardless of age.